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a VOICE for working America

Local 888 truly believes that workers should have a strong voice in their workplace. However, the only way to have a voice at your workplace is to have a union contract.

If you want to…

  • Improve your wages, benefits, and working conditions
  • have job security
  • Have a true voice in the workplace
  • Be treated with dignity and respect on the job

then contact Local 888’s Organizing Department today at 1-800-223-1503 Ext. 142. One of our staff members will be happy to discuss how you can gain Union representation in your workplace. Every contact will be kept strictly confidential.

Local 888 is fortunate to have seasoned Organizers on staff who can directly relate to the difficulties experienced by non-union employees. Many of our Organizers came to work for Local 888 after years of being Local 888 members and by being integral parts of organizing campaigns at their previous workplace.

The success of your organizing program depends not only upon the union but the desires and strength of the workers. It is important that workers take part in the organizing process because they are the focal point of communication between the Organizers and their co-workers. Ultimately the goal is not only to improve your present work conditions but your future as well.

Our Organizers love what they do and are more than happy to help you organize your workplace to better your working conditions. If you want to learn more about the Organizing process or how to bring Local 888 representation to your workplace, call our Organizing Department today at 1-800-223-1503 Ext. 142.