Local 888 Homeowner’s Program

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The goal of many Americans is to have their very own version of the American Dream, which usually includes the ability to one day own their own home. However, homeownership is one of the biggest financial decisions that many people will make in their lives, if not the biggest. With that being said, many need guidance on the do’s, don’ts and common mistakes of first time home buyers. If you are one of those people, no need to worry, Local 888 Homeownership is the perfect program for you! Local 888 has partnered with Parkview Realty NY and Diversified Funding Group USA to create a program that would provide assistance to members in achieving their goals of homeownership.

Parkview Realty NY, Inc. is a full service real estate located in Brooklyn, NY and has, for a long time, been a friend of the local. Their services include residential, commercial, condo/co-ops and rentals. Parkview Realty NY is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and professionalism in every transaction. Their licensed agents strive to monitor the progress of every transaction throughout the whole process, including accompanying their clients to the inspection, appraisal and closing.

Diversified Funding Group USA is a full service mortgage brokerage that services all mortgage needs, from buying a new home to refinancing your existing home. Diversified Funding Group USA offers a full spectrum of loans that cater to all borrowers and their personal needs. In this respect, they are not only mortgage brokers, but financial advisers as well. Depending on your long term and short term goals, on your priorities and necessities, Diversified Funding agents will sit together and customize a loan that will help our members accomplish all of these goals. Their objective is to provide you with a loan that best serves the needs of our members.

Not only will the Local 888 Homeownership program help alleviate the fees that come along with home ownership, it will also educate members on the process of homeownership and all that comes with it. The program will also help members who are not yet ready for home ownership but are looking to prepare themselves for home ownership in the future. To this aspect, the program will provide education and avenues for members to fix their credit scores and consolidate their debt as well. For members who are already homeowners but would like to refinance their homes or sell their homes, the program will also aide in this process.

If you are looking to own your first home or need assistance on your existing home, head on over to the websites below and tell them you’re a Local 888 member to get the best rates:

Parkview Realty NY

Diversified Funding Group USA