UFCW Local 888 members are eligible to apply for the following scholarships or grants:

UFCW Local 888 Scholarship Grant:

Local 888 values education and the role it plays in helping our young people improve their lives. With that in mind, we created the Local 888 Scholarship Fund, which is awarded to students pursuing a college degree. These scholarships have eased the burden for many Local 888 members sending their children to college; in many cases making higher education a possibility.

To apply for the UFCW Local 888 Scholarship Grant contact Lourdes Lanzot at 914-668-8881 EXT. 129.

UFCW International Scholarship Program:

The UFCW is about workers coming together to build better lives for themselves. It is about creating opportunity. That is why each year the UFCW Charity Foundation awards several scholarships of up to $8 ,000 each to UFCW members or their unmarried dependents under the age of 20.

To apply for the UFCW International Scholarship, click here.

Union Plus Scholarship Program:

Since 1992, the Union Plus Scholarship Program has awarded more than $3.7 million to students of working families who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education. Over 2,500 families have benefited from our commitment to higher education.

To apply for the Union Plus Scholarship, click here.

Women’s Network Childcare Grant:

The primary purpose of the UFCW Women’s Network is to unify UFCW women through an international network. Women, who comprise more than 50 percent of the UFCW ‘s members, represent a powerful resource for the union. Because the majority of UFCW women are hard working mothers and the Women’s Network knows how expensive childcare can be, they offer a Childcare Grant every year.

For more information on how to apply for the UFCW Women’s Network Childcare Grant please contact Agueda Arias at 914-668-8881 EXT. 127.