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United Food & Commerical Workers

Local 888

Local 888 is one of the most diverse locals in our international union, boasting a membership of over 6,000 workers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. We are one of the largest UFCW non-food Unions representing hard working families in many different industries; Retail, Healthcare Facilities, Plumbing and Heating Supply Houses, Machine Shops, Distribution Centers, Binderies and Industrial Manufacturing Shops.


Member-Only Benefits

The benefits of a union member extend well beyond the workplace. Thanks to the collective power of our membership, not only are we able to negotiate better wages and benefits but Local 888 is able to help current and retired members and their families save time and money by offering benefits that add value to our membership.

Discount Program

Union Plus is a unique program that offers discounts and financial assistance during good and bad times to help support Local 888 members and their families. Everyone saves money when they’re a union member!


Child Care Grant

More than 50% of UFCW members are hard working mothers. Local 888 and the UFCW Women’s Network know how expensive childcare can be, therefore they now offer a Childcare Grant available to mothers.


Legal Help

 Through the Union Plus program, Local 888 families automatically get access to their Legal Program benefits — no enrollment forms or fees required. Need legal help? Start with a free consultation today!


Become a U.S Citizen

Local 888 provides an avenue for members that want to become United States Citizens to do so free of cost. The workshop focuses on legal services, other immigration and citizenship issues.


Tired of Surprise Banking Fees?

For a long time, Local 888 has partnered with Bethpage Federal Credit Union for banking. Local 888 is now relaunching the program to offer our members the opportunity to bank with a Federal Credit Union. Bethpage Federal Credit Union offers a full spectrum of products and services to meet the financial needs of its members with great rates and low fees. As a credit union, Bethpage offers an alternative to big banks.

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First Time Home Buyer?

In partnership with Parkview Realty NY, Local 888, has launched a program to help members become homeowners. Purchasing a home is one of life’s major moments and for some, even a dream come true. Local 888 understands the magnitude of this decision and is here to offer it’s members help throughout the process.

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Debt-Free College Degree? YES.

Local 888 understands how expensive and stressful earning a college degree can be. With the UFCW Free College Benefit, it is now possible for members and their dependants to can earn a college degree DEBT-FREE with Eastern Gatewat Community College.

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